Become a Daily Rosary Family

“The family that prays together stays together. ” – St. John Paul II

While the age-old tradition of the family rosary is a beautiful and grace-filled practice, it can be challenging at times for families with children of varying ages and busy schedules. Here are some suggestions to help make this powerful prayer a part of YOUR family’s daily routine.

Tips for Getting Started

1. Keep it simple.

2. Begin with one decade a day. (It only takes 5 minutes.)

3. Don’t worry about how “well” you pray it. Just do it!

4. Don’t get discouraged if you miss days. New habits take time. Soon it will become natural and you’ll miss it if you skip it.

5. Make an event out of it with your children.

6. Teach them the importance of cultivating this habit.

7. Seek to make it a regular and prominent part of your family life.

8. Allow it to fit naturally into your daily schedule. Try praying it at breakfast, in the car, after school, before bed.

In the words of St. John Paul II, “Why not try it?”

Pray one decade today!

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Totus Tuus,


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